It's Not Just a Dump, It's Dangerous

Scholl Canyon dump has risen over Eagle Rock for more than 50 years. Dump trucks deposit there each day tons of trash from Glendale, NOT from Los Angeles. Yet all the garbage enters via Eagle Rock. And the dump burdens air in Northeast L.A. with dangerous and deadly pollutants, from nitrogen oxides to fine and coarse particles that lodge in the lungs. The dump is finally due to close, in 2021.
Now Glendale has announced plans for a huge expansion. Strong community opposition--our voices--will be key to stopping it. 

Expanding Scholl Canyon dump threatens a garbage high-rise of 180 additional feet, or 17 stories tall, looming over its immediate neighbors. The massive dump enlargement will also impose “significant unavoidable adverse impacts related to air quality.” That’s not rhetoric; it’s the language of Glendale’s own environmental impact statement.
When it comes to pollution, the news only gets worse for Eagle Rock and Pasadena. As Glendale admits, “Public access is only from Scholl Canyon Road.” That leaves residents of the neighborhoods downwind from the dump entrance breathing diesel exhaust from hundreds of dump trucks entering the dump each day. Long-term exposure to that exhaust is dangerous and can be deadly. The Centers for Disease Control have declared diesel exhaust a carcinogen for more than a quarter century. The American Cancer Society has documented the many life-depleting risks to humans from exposure to diesel exhaust.
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