Welcome to the East Area Progressive Democrats! We are a local, community‐based Democratic club focused on the greater East Side of Los Angeles and open to all local Democrats. This vibrant and diverse organization was formed to influence lawmakers, candidates, elections, and policies that affect our communities and daily lives. The issues we are most passionate about include:

  • Full equality under the law for LGBTQ people and their families
  • Reproductive justice
  • Strong environmental law that puts the interests of people over those of corporations
  • Progressive tax policy aggressively set to help the most vulnerable in our society
  • Immigration reform
  • Animal welfare
  • High-quality education for all
  • Voting rights
  • An open and ethical government that serves no one but the people

If you want to be connected with upbeat, progressive, innovative neighbors and improve our communities and their representation in our democratic process, now is the time and this is the organization. For more information, contact us at: eapd.la@gmail.com.



EAPD is a leader in the More Votes Matter movement. 
If you want a more just & humane America, stand up with confidence & determination to fight for it. #MoreVotesMatter
#1: Activate locally. The only mandate from this election is change, not inequality or undermining the American way. Make your voice count in constant resistance to Trump in every way you can. 
#2: Get involved in your local Democratic club. Don't like it? Change it. Don't have one? Start one. Candidates don't win elections; coalitions do. You make the difference in building a better, more progressive party that supports bright candidates (maybe you) who are ready to serve & lead your community & our country forward.
#3: Stay informed & commit to voting in every election. That includes local & mid-term elections, & primary elections. Showing up only intermittently lets others direct the ship of state on which the fate of so many is riding. Turning the tide on Trump depends on making gains now & massive waves in 2018 & 2020 so that progressive Democrats can shape newer, fairer districts in 2021. The future starts now. #MoreVotesMatter


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East Area Progressive Democrats