Primary Issues EAPD Stands For

June 20
* Protecting Public Schools and Education
* Dignity for Workers 
* Women’s Rights 
* LGBTQ Equality 
* Environmental Justice & Ending Plastic Pollution
* Family Unity, Respect, & Safety for Immigrants 
* Universal Care & Reproductive Health as Human Rights
* Housing for All
* Ending Gun Violence 
* Honesty & Accountability in Public Service 

Statewide Ban on Polluting Plastic Bags

October 16

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Progressive Democrats throughout California secured a major victory today
when governor Jerry Brown signed the statewide ban on polluting plastic bags,
SB 270.

The popular law will hasten Californians’ shift to reusable bags, already
embraced by millions of residents and a fast‐growing product line in the state. It
halts a preventable form of costly, non‐biodegradable pollution that hits low‐ to
moderate‐income families in the wallet several times over.


EAPD Opposes Changing LA City Election Dates

October 16

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Dear L.A. City Councilmember:

We write to express our club’s unanimous support for increasing voter turnout
in city elections and thus our opposition to any scheme to move election dates.

We support the current schedule of odd‐year city elections and oppose any
effort to shift election dates to even years.

We believe that the integrity of our long‐term investment in city elections that
are more accessible to well‐qualified candidates motivated by public service
while drawing on a broad base of community support and that are less
dominated by deep‐pocketed special interests with a stake in government
decisions—namely through matching funds in city elections—to be in danger by
any move forcing city and state elections to coincide.


East Area Progressive Democrats