Dump the Scholl Dump

The burdens on our communities' environment and health warrant taking a strong stand. 
We're asking you to take a stand with us and Sign the Petition to Dump the Dump.
Scholl Canyon dump takes in Glendale's trash, NOT that of Los Angeles. Shipped entirely through Eagle Rock, it has polluted the air breathed by residents of Eastside L.A. for more than 50 years, in at least two ways: first in toxic dust and gas that come off the giant garbage pile; second in the gas it emits as it rots and decays over time. Northeast L.A. already ranks in the bottom-most tier of California communities for its poor air quality, heavily burdened by nitrogen oxides and both fine and coarse particles, which cause asthma, long-term damage, cancer. In the words of Glendale's own draft Environmental Impact Report, the dump expansion portends "significant unavoidable adverse impacts related to air quality" for our neighborhoods and that's before factoring in the dangerous and deadly diesel pollution in Eagle Rock and southwest Pasadena from diesel trucks entering the dump via its sole access from the south. 
The timeline for community input on the dump was originally set to run out on July 31. Now the timeline has been extended to August 31. We have very little time to make our voice heard about the threats the dump expansion represents.

Who's signing

Carrie Hansen
Lazaro Cuevas
Michael Woodward
Adrienne Hatrick
Carl Matthes
Eitan Sadeh
Eileen Hatrick
Mary Fischer
John Goldfarb
Carl Johnson
Suzanne Smith
Kari Sherman
Hector Huezo
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dump the Scholl Dump
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